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Demon and Lindvirm FF XII

The enemy can be found in Giruvegane, not far from the place where you fought with Tyran.
His attacks: Bio - causes juice from everyone within reach, invert - Changes the amount of HP depending on the amount of MP, OSAP - causes a disease when hitting, fog - dedicates MP, Darcra - damage dark elements to everyone within a radius of action, dark shock - Causes blinding and crushing, Soul Etude - restores HP enemy.
Award: 3800 Gil, Dark Shot, Scathe Mote
The plaintiff is the brother of the victim Ivasness. It can be found in front of the temple in the bob-izisache.
It is said that this creature terribly demanded power, and as a penalty, the great Anastasis entered into prison with the help of magic. Unfortunately, after his death, the spell was disappeared, and Pischodemon became free again. Ivanes asks you to put an end to this case once and for all.
His attacks, with the exception of Magick Barrier, is a fireball that damage everything in front of him, Sonic Fangs is a very strong attack directed against one of the members of your group, and Immobilizega, which condenses everyone within the radius of action. In addition, the usual attack may cause confusion.
Lindvirma attacks: Stone Breath - Deeps damage to each in front of him and can cause me a member, bio - calls SAP at all in a radius of action, Greater Barrier - Castaver Protect and Shell on itself (about 50% HP), restore - the dragon treats himself a little. In addition, at the end of the battle, his defense rises sharply.
Attack it using aerogium or weapons with a wind element. When you dispose of about half of its health, it will use the Greater Barrier - immediately apply Dispel when it will do it, and the battle will complete. Reward: 4200 Gil, barrel coat, high ether.
Lindwirm: The staff of this hunt is the Bard named Fermon. It can be found in old arcades surrounded by a group of children.
He will tell you about a mythical monster, which, as they say, has the ability to destroy the whole world and who recently woke up. He asks you to deal with him. You can find a dragon on the chita elevation, but it appears only in cloudy weather. Unfortunately, here the weather does not change with solar to rainy even when moving from one area to another. You need to leave the entire area (for example, to the Cerebian steppe) and return the weather to change. Just remember that rainy and overcast is almost the same, because you can watch this change, simply changing the terrain. Lebensläufe kostenlos online erstellen .