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Several ways of hair removal at home

Today I decided to share thoughts on a topic that becomes especially relevant with the onset of summer. Recently, my desire was realized, I acquired a pleasant gift for myself - a deputy, but together with the purchase I had many different fears. I must say that before that I used wax to remove hair, tried sugar hair removal and even tried to master the depilation system using a thread. This extensive experience in using a wide variety of methods made me finally buy a departer, which are used by several of my friends. All of them unanimously try to strengthen the opinion that this device is very convenient, it can be easily, without fear, you can take with you on a trip, it does not cause severe irritation after removing hair, but has one big minus: it is impossible to make a procedure using a depilator Hair removal painless.

I want to help dispel the fears of many women and tell when and how to remove unwanted hair!

Firstly, the female body is too connected with the work of hormones that regulate many processes of vital activity. If you have a great desire to reduce pain during hair removal, it is best to do this procedure immediately after women's days. Every woman has only two to three days a month, when the level of the pain threshold increases significantly, and it is important to know especially at the first stage when the art of removal at home has not yet become familiar. I can say for sure that starting the correct hair removal is best from wax. It is sold in every store of cosmetics or body shop. The departer also has the right to recognize and the whole thing is exclusively in the personal choice - I never liked it.

After I decided to experience a new method and do hair removal with shugaring (sugar syrup), I can say that not everything is so clear and simple here. Shugaring is very convenient if you know a few small secrets that I had to open on my own:
• To hair removal of different parts of the body, it is necessary to prepare syrup of different consistency
• Feet is best for a fairly suitable liquid syrup
• For the area of ​​bikini and armpits, it is convenient to use a more density syrup.

You can do hair removal with the help of liquid syrup using paper or tissue strips, dense syrup must be removed with your hands - and here it is necessary to master a certain skill. By the way, it is not necessary to buy shugaring, it can be done itself and very easy.

I have one more useful solution for everyone who will do waxing at home. If it is too hot outside and wax does not want to harden on the skin, then be sure to freeze several ice cubes in the refrigerator, which apply on top of the stripes. Wax will cool very quickly and hair removal can be done quickly and less painfully. In summer, ice is necessary for pain relief even after using the depilator, so you can take this method. Best Dating Websites To Find Your Love online with real reviews..