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Moisturize or not? That's the question!

Perhaps each person at least once thought about the condition of his skin. And even if everything seems ideal outwardly, you never know what is happening inside.
It is no secret that moisturizing the skin can be useful not only for the outer layers of the epidermis, but also for internal ones. With enough moisture, the skin can be not only clean and radiant, but also healthy. It is worth considering that with a large loss of moisture, the skin begins to undergo more external influences.
How to understand that the skin needs moisturizing?
When the skin needs additional moisture, sensations of tightness, peeling and irritability may appear. By this, the skin makes it clear that it needs help. Additional stress brings decorative cosmetics (especially using it on an ongoing basis).
What are the causes of dry skin?
According to experts, the causes of dry skin can be: a lack of vitamins, irrational nutrition, hypodynamia, water lack of water in the daily diet, as well as heredity.
In particular, the skin condition is affected by weather conditions. For example, in winter, the skin dries due to a long stay in rooms near the heating devices, and in the summer it is elementary under the rays of the sun.
Also, improper or excessive skin care can affect the dry skin, namely the frequent use of scrubs or the use of funds with an aggressive composition. Antiseptic drugs also dry the skin.
How to help the skin save moisture?
First of all, use a sufficient amount of water. The use of at least two liters of fluid per day will help to avoid dehydration during a hot summer or cold winter, sports or other physical labor.
Safe tanning is also important. Having covered the skin of the face during a tan, you will save it from contact with the straight rays of the sun, and also save from the rapid loss of moisture.
And finally, timely and regularly moisturize the skin.
How and how can you moisturize the skin?
To fill in moisture at the cellular level, you can use special products, such as:
• creams;
• masks;
• lotions;
• oils.
It is also possible to restore the water balance with the help of folk remedies:
• children's cream - can be applied in the morning and evening to clean skin;
• Herbs - chamomile, jasmine, rose petals and linden to take in equal shares (15g) and pour hot water. Then cover with a towel and insist 40 minutes. Wipe the face with infusion of the face 3 times a day;
• sour cream - 1 tbsp. Mix with egg yolk and add not a lot of freshly squeezed carrot juice (attention! Carrots can give a light tint of tan) mix and apply for 15 minutes. Excess can be removed with a napkin soaked in water;
• Tomato and cucumber - grind in a blender and apply the resulting porridge on clean skin for 20 minutes, remove excess with a napkin moistened in warm water. After you must apply a moisturizer. Attention! The mask is not recommended to be done more than once every 10 days.
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